registry your hashtag here!

only through the official registry before the IMPI, you can obtain the exclusivity of use for your hashtag in mexico

our process

  • choose the service

    we offer ordinary (24 h.) or express (1 h.) services

  • fill your info

    during your checkout, fill your hashtag and company info in the comment's box. if we need further information, we'll send you an e-mail

  • payment authorization and free availability search

    once you place your order, we'll run a free of charge availability search before the IMPI's office. if your hashtag is not registered yet by a third party, we'll proceed  to manually authorize your order and we will inmediatly file the registry application; if the hashtag is already registered, we won't autorhize your order so no charge at all will be made

  • filing your application

    in the convened time, we'll file your hashtag registry application before the IMPI's office. you'll receive the application copy in your inbox

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about us

we are a law-firm located in mexico city, with more than 15 years of experience in digital medias's IP

for any additional service, please send an e-mail to «»


what are the chances of obtaining the registry?

the best way to estimate the probabilities is through a feasibility study; we can gladly help you with this analysis; remember that before submitting the registry application, we will revise that the hashtag is not already registered or in process to be; in case it is, we won't autorhize your order so no charge at all will be made

how long does the registry process take?

the authority usually takes between 6 and 8 months to resolve the registry